Monday, July 7, 2008

Global Warming Car Scores

California just instituted a new law that will require all 2009 model year cars for sale in that state to contain a sticker indicating it's respective global warming impact in the form of a score from 1 to 10. The score supposedly takes into consideration the fuel impact the respective vehicle uses as well as the impact the actual production of the fuel itself caused. So now the "greenies" can blame a Hummer for environmental damage before it ever starts. This new sticker goes along with the EPA mileage estimate sticker found on all cars as well as another CA only sticker, a smog impact notification sticker.

Whats next CA, a mandatory sticker indicating the statistics behind which vehicles are most likely to be owned by people who will stop at the nearest Wendy's which puts lots of "bad stuff" into the air.

I like many people have no problem with certain forms of environmentalism, however some of these people and their constant need to make everything "green" drive me bonkers and remind me of the "causeheads" from the movie PCU. If you love green so much then join the Army where they will gladly provide you with all the green you can handle and you'll have a chance to genuinely make the world a better place.

Don't talk to me about going green until your own life looks like the 18th at Augusta.