Friday, August 22, 2008

Edwards Dips Into Kennedy Playbook!

What more can be said about the former NC Senator and VP / Presidential candidate John Edwards who Rush Limbaugh once called "the Breck Girl". Well we know that he is a lying cheating degenerate who cheated on his wife and lied to all of American about this issue and god only knows what else.

Well did you know that he is taking a play right out of the Kennedy play book? Yes indeed, the former senator is using one that goes all the way back to the Mary Joe Kopechne case. Senator Teddy Kennedy cried to the roof tops that he wanted an autopsy showing cause of death to clear his name. Well that would be admirable if it weren't for the fact that the family had Mary Joe promptly buried and as a result Teddy knew that he could talk all he wanted to about the autopsy and if would never happen. How does this tie to the former senator you might ask? Well you see, like most Clintons, I mean people caught in lies, you've got to have a strategy to spin off suspicion. John Edwards finally admitted to the extra marital affair with Ms. Rielle Hunter whom he hired for video work during his campaign. Mr. Edwards tried to avoid the secondary questions about who the father was of Ms. Hunters baby was. This, you see is where he pulled a Kennedy. Mr. Edwards said to anyone who would listen, "I want a paternity test to clear my name." Sound familiar? It should. Mr. Edward knew the answer to this question before it was asked. You see the law is pretty clear on this matter. The mother must consent to a paternity test in order for one to occur. Ms. Hunter has absolutely refused to allow any paternity test to occur, which Johnny knew long before he ever asked the question. As long as Ms. Hunter refuses to allow a paternity test to occur, Mr. Edwards can keep asking for this test knowing full well he has nothing to worry about because she is not going to throw him off the Chappaquiddick Bridge in a locked car. Her insistence to not allow a paternity test leads me to believe that some back door deal (no pun intented, seriously) has been reached and I doubt the Ms. Hunter will have any financial problems for quite some time or Mr. Edwards is really good at things other than lying, combing his hair, and single handily raising malpractice insurance for OB GYN's all over America.

Oh and hear is the icing on the cake. The video's that Ms. Hunter made for Mr. Edwards during his bid for the Democrat primary win never seem to have been used and it's questionable how Ms. Hunters services (pun very much indented) were paid for and whether or not campaign funds were used? If Mr. Edwards used campaign funds in an inappropriate manner, then he has much bigger problems than a kid with Ms. Hunter, such as a possible federal indictment.

There are two real victims in this story. the first is Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards who while lying in a hospital bed with cancer, had a husband betraying her trust with another woman. The second is the baby in this story, who may never know who dad is, and will whose mother is a tramp.

Even By Trial Lawyer Standards, Edwards a Real Sleazbag
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Anonymous said...

Good points. However, people need to learn grammar before they become journalists. It is here, not hear. Also, the word it intended not indented.