Monday, March 22, 2010

Pro Choice View Spun Again!

I grow very tired of anyone who is or supports pro-life being branded as pushing the talking points of groups like Focus On The Family and others for being unabashedly in support of those groups views, yet they are the good guys for supporting "choice". I have had it with these jackals who constantly spin, lie, cajole, and grossly misrepresent the facts. I'm unapologetically PRO LIFE, I don't spin it or use trendy phrases thought up by some Madison Ave marketing firm. I have pride and conviction in my point of view and don't hide behind spin.
I challenge the "pro-choice" movement to have some integrity, decency, and honesty. Hey pro-choicers you claim that you support a "woman's rights in regard to reproductive freedom". After you remove the feel good speech and realize what that really means, what you have is direct support for abortion, infanticide and murder. They claim that there not supporting abortion, just a "woman's right to choose". What, are your kidding me, that makes about as much sense as me saying that I don't support killing Iraqi militants but support sending Marines into Falluja with loaded M-4's and the safeties off. The pro-choice community like many liberal points of view exists on spin and trickery, because they know that the facts make them look very bad. Americans are more educated on many topics and survey after survey shows increasingly that Americans are not in favor or this barbaric act. I personally believe that if you truly understand what abortion is, how it works, and the far reaching emotional damage it wreaks, you most likely wouldn't support it.

The point that I'm making is that if your a pro-choice advocate and have pride in your position which you certainly should if you advocate for it, then be honest, hold you head high and state with pride that a woman should be able to murder her unborn child. Doesn't sound so good once your honest about the position does it. Stop the lies and spin. If you agree that a woman has the choice, than your advocating at least some of the time that you find baby murder acceptable. If your OK with that reality, than your at least honest about your position and should simply state that when advocating for abortion (under this premise we just agreed that your OK with it so stop using the term pro-choice) say pride fully I'm Pro-Baby Murder. If on the other hand, your sickened by this revelation, then educate yourself on the realities and engage others to see reality of this.

Pro-life, is the true pro-choice option. What I mean here is that the mother and father (hopefully) will make decisions together as to whether to raise the child together or consider other options such as adoption where many loving families wait for the opportunity to care for a child, know that's an actual choice.