Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just to be clear

Just to be clear, I want state a few things. I am a conservative and active in grassroots Republican issues. At this time, I'm the only person who can post to this blog although I occasionally due re-post or reference other people entries. When doing so I always give the credit to the original blogger (if known) and usually give a link. I'm not bound to my party of choice and will call them out when I feel it's applicable. No political organization, company (beyond Google who owns Blogger), or other entity has any edit right or post authority and as thus I post what I choose and only what I choose. I will not post things that I believe contain inappropriate language, nudity, or graphic violence nor will I EVER be pressured by any group to post or not post items that may be damaging to someone if I feel that posting or not posting is appropriate; once again my decision. I may provide a link or tell you how to access a posting, video, or other content that I believe my readers may be interested in that contains some of the previous content, but they go at there at their own choosing and the Augusta Water Cooler will in no way take responsibility for you being offended if after having been warned of content you seek the information anyway.

This blog is predominately political in nature, but from time to time, I will post things that are not political in nature and are simply things I find interesting.

I look forward to the future of the Augusta Water Cooler and will always be open to any suggestion you have for this blog or topics that you would like to see covered. For more information on this blogs author please read my full profile.