Friday, October 31, 2008

Still Undecided, Take the Obama Test

If your still undecided on the presidential campaign there is a 5 minutes test you can take that may help you make up your mind as whether or not your values and political views line up with those of Sen. Obama. The test can be found here and if the link does not work the url is I took the test before this posting to see what it was all about and upon completing the test found that I disagreed with Sen. Obama on 92% of the issues covered in the provided questionnaire. Once you complete the questionnaire it provides you with the percentage that you aggree or disagree with Sen. Obama as well as the collective responses of the people who have taken the test thus far. If your worried that this is some email address harvesting tool (so many similar things are,) you needn't worry, I was never asked to provide any information before or after the questionnaire was completed.