Friday, August 21, 2009

The event that should have been set up by those invited!

Some of you my know a guy named David Karaffa. Some of you will know David The Nurse at AMC, some will know David The Republican, some will know David The Catholic, and some will know David from his work putting out his newsletter; The Beverly Conservative, but did you know about David The Event Planner? Yes folks it's true, David with his own Money, time, and other resources has put together a Health Care Town Hall Meeting scheduled for September, 6th 2009 from 6 - 8pm at the Riverheads High School in Greenville. David has invited both Senators Webb and Warner to attend. You may be asking yourself, I thought town hall meeting were called by our elected officials to inform the electorate about what is going on the respective districts. Well that would be a logical question and since they've both decided to avoid that people they work for, David has taken the liberty to do it for them including all of the logistics. All they need do is show up and inform us of there thoughts and how they plan to handle things like "Cap & Trade" and whatever version of Health Care reform ultimately makes it through the house.

I for one will be in attendance that evening whether the Senators show or not to hear the opinions for and against health care by my fellow Valley Citizens.

We all owe a big thanks to David for doing what the Senators should have done.

I feel great fear for the Republic as far too many "Statesmen" (term used loosely) continue to consider themselves above the common man and grow further and further away from those they should be continually honored to serve. I feel many of our founding fathers would be utterly disgusted at what these men and ladies have done with the gift they worked so hard to give us. Much like the Kingdom God has waiting for all those who have taken the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior, the founding father only asked that we not forget what was necessary to bring this country forward. Far too many of our legislators as well as citizens have forgotten both of these truths all the while trying to get a better deal for themselves.