Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Valley Family Forum Challenge Answers

OK, by now you've had enough time to either take the challenge or ignore it and think that I've lost my mind (entirely possible, but not yet). For those of you who took the challenge, you'll soon see how much you actually know about these issues and for those who didn't take the challenge you'll have you eyes opened. Enough jib jab, here are the answers:

1.) C- 50%
2.) D- 50%
3.) A- 10%
4.) B- Massachusetts
5.) C- 37%
6.) D- 90%
7.) D- 33%
8.) D- 5
9.) D- 70%
10.) D- 50,000,000
11.) B- 22%
12.) B- Abortion clinic health and safety standards, D- fetal pain relief for babies who are about to be aborted, and E- Right to Life Act
13.) D- 14,000,000,000
14.) B- 25%
15.) D- 30,000,000
16.) D- 25%
17.) D- 98%
18.) A- Valley Family Forum & C- The Family foundation
19.) B- Roy Moore (If you got this one wrong, then here is some free advise, watch something on tv other than American Idol)
20.) C- Gay and Straight Alliance

Ok, now you have the answers, so how did you do? I would consider myself to be reasonably aware of these issues and some are why I'm politically active, however I wasn't aware of the severity of some of these issues and was frightened at the scope of these problems. In the coming weeks I will have additional postings on these issues and how you can help to put an end to some of these atrocities that are tearing our country apart.