Monday, February 27, 2012

Act Of Valor

I was privileged today to see the new film "Act Of Valor" with a good friend and fellow Veteran.  For those of you who are not familiar with this film, it's a story of Naval Special Operations personnel, the intelligence community, logistical support and families going through the business of going down range and getting it done for the rest of us.
 You may ask, is this a Stallone film, or perhaps a Willis film.  You'd be wrong on either account  This film, you see, stars active duty Navy SEALS showing their metal for the first time in a fictional (loosely based on real and or conceivably real missions) story about terrorism that hits too close to home for these men to ignoreI take my hat off to Relativity Media and Bandito Brothers Films for this truly first rate film about the often secretive world of US Special Operations Forces and their equipment, training, and tactics as well as what motivates them to always find their way home.

These men and women make up a select group of Tier 1 operators that are the 1% of the 1% who don't do it for money, fame, or "kicks". They do it for their country, their families, and our families.  These brave patriots will never get the pay or fame that they so richly deserve and would turn it down even if offered.  Many could never understand why these courageous few are willing to stand in the breech and confront pure evil head on. They do it quite simply so that our kids won't have to.

There will be three types of people who will see this film.  Those who  deeply respect and thank those willing to do what is necessary to carry on our lives, those who may get a fresh perspective and start to look at things in a new light and lastly, those who will simply think that they've seen a cool action film and immediately compare it to a their favorite Arnold, Bruce, and or Sylvester film while complaining the explosions weren't big enough and upset at why the PlayStation 3 game of the movie wasn't released on the same day.

Our culture seems to be one that is always looking for heroes.  Well, we've got them, and I don't mean some over- privileged athlete upset that he will only get 3 million dollars this year for PLAYING A GAME, some punk- thug rapper who is upset because the 26" rims for his 3rd Rolls aren't getting shipped on time, and / or the Oscar nominated actor / actress who plays a "heroic" character while avoiding new stories of addiction or spousal abuse.   Our nation has true heroes and although they may not be on the TV or radio (often times because they're busy down range in countries some of us may not know exist).   They are doing things most can't imagine.  They do this so that we have the privilege to argue about Coke vs Pepsi and who should have won last seasons...insert reality TV of your choosing.

If you appreciate the fact that you can see this blog or go see this movie, then thank an active duty service member or veteran next time you see one.  If you see them in a restaurant or "watering hole" consider telling the server you'll handle their bill or send them a round of "beverages". They've earned it and you owe it.  You may also consider looking into donating to groups like the Wounded Warrior Project and or Special Operations Warrior Foundation and or many others too numerous to list here.  We live in the most amazing nation ever entrusted to man by God Almighty, and we wouldn't have any of it without these brave men and women.

If you appreciate this post, I'm glad.  If you found it offensive because of the blunt reality it brings forth or some other politically correct nonsense, I don't care.  Political correctness is the lie that those who refuse to see reality use in an attempt to convince themselves and others that their often cowardly views are somehow superior to those who would do what is necessary to to allow them to be that way.

"We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm."
George Orwell


Larry said...

It was a dynamite movie, enjoyed it. Good to see you back in blogsville, keep it up.


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