Sunday, September 28, 2008

Obama's Pork Barrel

Senator Obama would like us to believe that he is opposed to budget earmarks. Funny thing is that he has asked for $321,766,475.00 in those very budget earmarks he claims to oppose. "Yeah, but those are over a long period of time Mr. Blogger" you might say, however that would not be true and the that number is for just 2008. Sen Obama has requested 108 earmarks for this year alone with an average cost of $2,979,319.21.

Now Senator, if your going to say that your against something, you probably shouldn't ask for that very thing in dollar amounts totalling over 320 million in the same year, because somebody might take notice.

Some say that Sen Obama doesn't spend any time as a Senator now that he is running for President, well that's not true. He was clearly in his office long enough to request that the taxpayers fund over 320 million in earmarks.

Letting Congress watch your money makes as much sense as letting your dog watch your dinner.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


This information is a little dated at this point, but since the mainstream media didn't feel it was important enough to tell you, I thought I would.

The NEA: National Education Association had it's annual meeting and convention of it's members this past July 08'. They even had the bulk of the event over the 4th of July which would seem very patriotic. If your like most people, you probably think that the NEA is an organization whose primary purpose to improve education, teachers, and the schools the work within. Well that isn't entirely accurate. Now before I go any further, I will state in full disclosure that I am not now nor have I even been a member of this organization.

I can't say all of what they spent their convention time on while assembled, but I can cover a few issues that they did cover. Lets remember that this is essentially a defacto teachers union.
While doing some research for this blog entry I located the NEA website and looked for a mission statement or something of that nature. I was able to located a page titled "About NEA" which include "Vision, Mission, and Values." I read this one page document to see if I simply didn't understand what the NEA was. This document pretty much spells out and organization whose primary focus is to enrich children through education.

Lets discuss what was covered at the 08' Annual Meeting. The following are some issues that I can't find a rational link to education unless that education involves indoctrination to a specific viewpoint.

Statehood for Washington DC.
And this matters to a teachers group why and enriches our children how?

Single payer health care plan.
National health care (otherwise known as bankrupting America in a yr or less.)

Gun Control
Hey teachers, I got a news flash for ya the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution is against that, oh yeah I forgot, you only teach the parts or history you like.

Ratification of the "International Criminal Court Treaty."
WHAT, I can't begin to see how this is even remotely and issue for a teachers group to look into.

I can't speak for everyone obviously, but hearing these issues doesn't make me think of an educational organization. These issues are more commonly found in political action committees and other politically oriented organizations.

The following are issues that can more logically be linked to an educational organization:

They are deeply concerned about having to compete with non public schools.
Ok, I guess I can see the point of view on this one, they don't want to held accountable for there failings, who does.

Tax support for non-public schools.
I will say that I agree with them on this one, private schools are for the most part businesses or church supported and should not receive tax based funding unless it's in the form of some type of voucher for school choice.

Opposition to English as the national language.
I've covered this issue on this blog in the past, so I'll be brief. If I have to explain it, you wouldn't understand.

Home schooling by state certified teachers whom only use a state approved curriculum.
I've learned a lot more about this issue since moving to the Valley. I've had the opportunity to meet several home school parents and there student children. After having met these people and seeing that they are passionate and deeply caring parents with well adjusted and highly intelligent children. This issue is a power trip issue and nothing esle. The NEA and it's members would likely say that the homeschoolers aren't comprehensive or the parents aren't qualified to teach, or the children won't get socialized, or any number of other baseless issues.

They are deeply opposed to home school students having access to public school extra curricular activities and sports.
I can't find a single logical argument for this view. It's not financial because the families choosing home schooling still pay taxes into the school district that would provide the activities. Are they afraid that that home school kids might talk about things with the public school kids such as the founders intent, politics, or the "he who must not be named" of education: Christianity.

Here are some other issues that the NEA thought should be discussed at their meeting:
"Right to Reproduce"
This is nothing more than code phrase for nearly unconditional abortion on demand. They also favor children getting a broad cross section of services covering everything from birth control to mental health services most if not all without the consent of or knowledge of the child's parents.

"Comparable Worth"
I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt on this one and assume that what they mean by this is that two teachers of equal training, tenure, and other relevant qualifications are paid the same irregardless of there sex or other demographic.

Censorship of all masculine words and terms such as "Husband and Father" from educational materials.
I tried to thing of something objective to say on this and failed, so here is my thought on that one: It's time to take your medication and schedule another appointment with your therapist, oh and untill you get over this, don't go near students because you have serious issues that need to be dealt with by a professional.

Teaching "diversity" as early as pre-school.
If this was along the lines of all men are created equal than I would be fine with that, but its not. What they mean when they say Diversity is Adam & Steve or Susan & Sarah. At the age of pre-school there are so many things that teachers can and should be teaching that I wonder how they have time to discuss two dads or two moms.

To put "Domestic Partnerships, Civil Unions, and Marriage all on equal footing.
How many states have to have votes on this issue to find that the over whelming percentage of those who vote saying that marriage is between a man and a woman?

I've known for years that this organization is bent on pushing a set a views on our children that many parents don't agree with but often aren't aware of. This group advocates some of the most deeply liberal issues imaginable. I believe the NEA doesn't even think you as a parent are capable of raising your children without their help and guidance. Find what organizations if any are pulling the strings at your local public schools and be aware of the curriculum that teachers are using where your children go and hold those teachers accountable. If they teach things that are objectionable or questionable to you, then contact the school administrators and make your concerns known, after all these are public employees and work for society over all. Think I may be overboard on some of my issue? Consider this, the Ministry of Education in Germany has made home schooling so taboo that if your caught home schooling your children, you may go to jail and or have your children removed from your home. You might think that sort of thing can't happen here, well don't be to sure.

I'm not saying that all teachers are this way, in fact I believe that large majority of them are very well intentioned and believe that working closely with parents is the best way to turn children into successful and productive members of society.

Be very cautious of the motivations of any organization that believes it can do a better job of raising your children than you can.

A few Gems

So which is it Ms. Speaker? I would be scary if there weren't some truth to this.
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These men are an embarrassment to legitimate Christian outreach.
Ah how again does that work Dr. O?

Exactly how may religions do you have?

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The great thing about satire is that it often makes you think in ways that you may not have other wise and gives a much needed comedic angle in an otherswise crazy world.


I would like to say that I'm sorry to the people who care enough and honor me with their time to read my musings. I've not posted anything in several weeks for a couple of reasons. I can't speak for all bloggers, but sometimes I don't have anything to say. Sometimes I have plenty to say, but don't feel that I can word it without seeming like I'm on some moronic rant. There are times when I just don't feel like it. There are times when I'm confused by things and clearly don't understand them enough to comment. There are times when I'm focusing on health, (not so great as of late) my wife, (who doesn't get the time she deserves more often than not) my career, politics, and occasionally me. I do believe the slump is over, I've got a few things on my mind.