Sunday, September 28, 2008

Obama's Pork Barrel

Senator Obama would like us to believe that he is opposed to budget earmarks. Funny thing is that he has asked for $321,766,475.00 in those very budget earmarks he claims to oppose. "Yeah, but those are over a long period of time Mr. Blogger" you might say, however that would not be true and the that number is for just 2008. Sen Obama has requested 108 earmarks for this year alone with an average cost of $2,979,319.21.

Now Senator, if your going to say that your against something, you probably shouldn't ask for that very thing in dollar amounts totalling over 320 million in the same year, because somebody might take notice.

Some say that Sen Obama doesn't spend any time as a Senator now that he is running for President, well that's not true. He was clearly in his office long enough to request that the taxpayers fund over 320 million in earmarks.

Letting Congress watch your money makes as much sense as letting your dog watch your dinner.