Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Valley Family Forum Challenge

I just tonight attended the Capstone program at my church and wanted to pass some things on. I wouldn't consider myself to be an expert on family or marriage issues, after all I'm no Dr. Dobson, but I would consider myself aware of Christian Conservative issues. I was given the opportunity to take a test or quiz of sorts and thought some of my readers may also want to test their knowledge on these issues. Below are the twenty questions and the possible responses for each one. Good luck, and no Googling the answers.

1.) In 1960, America's divorce rate was under 10%. It is now the highest in the Western world. What percent of all American marriages now end in divorce?
A. 15%
B. 33%
C. 50 %
D. 75 %

2.) What percent of marriages are proceeded by cohabitation?
A. 15%
B. 25%
C. 40%
D. 50%

3.) What percentage of cohabitation couples are still together after 5 years?
A. 10%
B. 20%
C. 30%
D. 40%

4.) The Supreme Judicial Court of what state ordered the state legislature to pass a law to legalize same-sex marriages?
A. California
B. Massachusetts
C. Vermont
D. Oregon

5.) In 1915 fewer than 2% of live births were to single mothers. The rate rose to 4% in 1960, and by 1996 had risen to?
A. 25%
B. 30%
C. 45%
D. 51%

6.) In 15 of the largest U.S. cities, what what percent of babies born to teen mothers are born to unmarried parents?
A. 60%
B. 70%
C. 80%
D. 90%

7.) What percent of U.S. Children are raised in single-parent homes?
A. 10%
B. 20%
C. 33%
D. 66%

8.) The poverty rate of children raised in fatherless homes is how many times that of children who are raised in two-parent homes?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

9.) What percent of America's teen murderers and long-term prisoners come from fatherless homes?
A. 40%
B. 50%
C. 60%
D. 70

10.) How many babies have been aborted in the US since the Supreme Court's decision on Roe v Wade in 1973?
A. 4,000
B. 850,000
C. 6,000,000
D. 50,000,000

11.) What percent of all pregnancies end in abortion?
A. 15%
B. 22%
C. 35%
D. 45%

12.) The Virginia General Assembly has not yet approved which three bills?
A. ban on partial birth abortions
B. abortion clinic health and safety standards
C. parental consent for abortions involving minor age girls
D. fetal pain relief for babies who are about to be aborted
E. Right to life act

13.) Pornography sales generate about how much every year (in billions of dollars)?
A. 1
B. 5
C. 9
D. 14

14.) Pornography contributes to what percentage of failed marriages?
A. 10%
B. 25%
C. 50%
D. 75%

15.) Sexually-oriented web sites comprise 60% of all web sites and attract how many Americans every day?
A. 1,000,000
B. 10,000,000
C. 20,000,000
D. 30,000,000

16.) Of those web sites, what percent involve children?
A. 10%
B. 15%
C. 20%
D. 25%

17.) According to one study, of the 12,000 cases of sexual assaults against minor age girls nationwide, what percentage had pornography associated with them?
A. 50%
B. 60%
C. 80%
D. 98%

18.) What two groups supported putting filters on library computers to help protect children from pornography?
A. Valley Family Forum
C. The Family Foundation
D. American Library Association

19.) What former State Supreme Court Justice was fired for displaying the Ten Commandments in their court?
A. Judge Judy
B. Roy Moore
C. Jesse Jackson
D. Clarence Thomas

20.) GSA stands for?
A. Golfing Student Association
B. Golden Seniors Affiliation
C. Gay and Straight Alliance
D. Geographic Surveyors Administration

So how do you think you did? I will post the answers in a few days so you will know. I must admit I was not as knowledgeable about these topics as I thought I was.