Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Was that lobster gold plated?

You've heard about the now famous snack that the Obama's had while staying at the ultra luxurious Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City. I wanted you to actually see the signed room service receipt just in case you've forgotten about it or didn't believe it existed.

I am willing to bet that the Obama's distributive wealth way of viewing your money and our economy was not on their mind that day, unless they were utilizing the common liberal philosophy of do as I say not as I do.

I understand the concept of the occasional splurge night out and like to take my beautiful wife out to dinner somewhere nicer than normal once or twice a year. When we do this we don't worry about the prices and order what we want. In the 8 years I've been fortunate enough to be her husband I honestly doubt all those dinners added up wouldn't reach the Obama afternoon snack tab, and they didn't even have dessert and coffee, we did.

Sen. Obama you claim to be a man of the people and based on what is pictured above, I seriously doubt that.

Sen. Obama, I'll give you some advise, if your going to use your considerable wealth and power to splurge, do it right. Get on the plane, go to Maine, get the motorcade to Old Orchard Beach and get some of the best seafood you'll ever eat at Kens. Get the Secret Service guys a clam cake, they'll love you for it. The food will be fresher and taste better, but don't count on silk napkins or Bollinger because Kens ain't got it. All they have is great fresh seafood and great everyday people (the kind you claim to be.)

$447.39 for a snack, get real and get a clue.


Anonymous said...

The story I read said the tipster retracted his/her story, and said it was bogus, and Michelle wasn't even in the hotel/even the state on the date in question. Unknown what is truth, but the plot thickens. What is your source for the receipt?

Doug said...

It never happened:


Anonymous said...

The NYP retracted the story and even Limblob and Shamity apologized for wasting the airwaves on this trash.

What you won't read here is Joe McCain's 911 idiot call , demanding to know why he was stuck for fifteen minutes(!) in traffic. OMG! Traffic is for the proletariat.


Jason Bibeau said...

I'm looking into this information and if appears this story my not be based on valid information. If I decide that this was infact based on invalid information, I will post a retraction and delete the original posting. I may not like or agree with Sen. Obama, but will not intentionally post somehing damaging if it is determined to be false. This blog although sometimes controversial in nature is not intented to be a smear merchant.

The Augusta Water Cooler

Jason Bibeau said...

In regards to the You Tube video discussing a 911 call that is beleived to have been placed by Mr. Joe McCain; Sen. McCains brother, last I checked Joe McCain was not running for anything. Joe McCain is not running in the same capacity as Mrs. Obama. If the Obamas win, Michelle will be the First Lady which involves more responsibility than most know. Joe McCain is simply a family member and no more important than President Clintons looser brother or President Carters looser brother. That being said if Joe McCain abused the 911 system and then cursed a 911 operator than he should face a criminal charge for such activities. 911 is the life blood of the EMS system in many parts of America that have this system and any abuse should not be tolerated regardless of the offenders title, status, or family name.

The Augusta Water Cooler

Anonymous said...

Right on Jason....your blog rocks!