Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Was that lobster gold plated? RETRACTION

Some readers to this blog have pointed out that the original sourcing of this post has come into question and in appears that the New York Post newspaper (1st to break the story) has printed a retraction piece that can be read here. The Post is now saying that it's new information places Mrs. Obama in Indiana giving a speech at the time of the alleged "afternoon snack" which makes it virtually impossible for her to have placed the order in question unless her husband signed her name. It is possible that Mr. Obama signed his wife's name to the receipt, however there does not seem to be any specific reason to believe this occurred beyond the fact the Mr. Obama was in fact at the hotel in question during the allegded event.

I like many bloggers get story ideas from a variety of sources and always make an effort to try and validate a story before posting it. This story was covered by numerous print and TV sources previous to my posting and was believed to be a credible story at the time that I posted it.

I apologize to the Obama family for the original post. I may not agree with the Obama Campaign on most issues, but I will not intentionally post things that are found to not be true and if I do I will promptly print a retraction. I like to think that blogging is about the sharing of ideas and opinions from regular people as opposed to professional journalists trying to sell a paper and as such people will think were too hard or too soft or just plain suck. I'm OK with any and all critiques of my work as I'm the one who put it in the public spotlight and should to a degree be held accountable for it's content. I will never use this blog or any other I may be part of as a "drive by smear machine", however when I feel a story is credible especially one the main stream media won't talk about I will not hesitate to run with it if I feel it needs to be out there.

I would like to thank readers like "Doug" who keep me honest and thanks for reading and thinking.

The Augusta Water Cooler is clearly conservative, but if it is not also clearly honest than it's reduced to being clearly crap.


Anonymous said...

Don't feel badly. I heard Glen Beck mention this TODAY. He needs Doug as his fact checker.