Thursday, October 30, 2008

ACORNS Pathetic Diversion Attempt

This video is now airing on the web and many TV channels. The ad shows a black man in various stages of his life and attempts to state that Sen. McCain and the Republican Party are trying to prevent voters like this man from going to the polls.

This is beyond compare, disingenuous, and quite frankly pathetic. ACORN has a terrible reputation and is frequently the target of voter fraud inquiries. For this group to use the likeness of this black man in a ridiculous attempt to take the attention off their utterly embarrassing and in some cases criminal activities is shameless and revolting. Facts are clear and there is not one single shred of credible information that puts the McCain Campaign involved with disenfranchising any voter group unless your referring to voters like; Mickey Mouse, dead people, or my favorite people who don't provide id in an attempt to vote more than once. If those are the people that we "Republicans" are disenfranchising that yes were guilty as charged.

I'm amazed and sickened that ACORN would sink to the level of using this type of ad in a putrid attempt to guilt people into thinking they're a great organization and subliminally tell voters that if you vote for Sen. McCain then your probably a racist.

I'm glad the FBI is looking into this sham of an organization in many states and I hope that those responsible are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I would hope that this particular ACORN would be eaten by a chipmunk but wouldn't want to poison a cute little innocent creature with that groups BS.