Friday, December 5, 2014

Officer Hollywood?

Rialto, CA Pd using Taser Axiom Flex
It's a no-brainer that every law enforcement officer in America should use an officer worn video/audio recording device right?
It's only that simple if you look at this emotionally and ignore logistics.

I've heard a lot of things said about officer-worn video and audio recording devices, both from the general public and law enforcement officers alike.  Much of what I've heard shows how much most people don't know about this form of technology.  First of all this tech isn't new.  Some agencies have been using in-car cameras for close to 30 years.  Officer-worn cameras have been used for nearly 15 years.  This equipment has in the past been often too costly (often $2,500.00 or more per car for a complete system) and very complicated for most agencies without full-time A/V evidence technicians.  The systems that were affordable by smaller agencies were often poorly made and unreliable.  The storage medium on many of these devices was very limited and needed to be changed often, which then created storage issues.  In addition to these issues, these camera systems were useless once the officer was no longer in the direct line of sight of the camera.  Many of these systems had audio recording ability from a microphone transmitter located on the officers uniform and once again, useless once out of range from the main unit in the patrol car.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Some Facts about Ferguson

Michael Brown & Ofc. Darren Wilson
It's always a tragedy when anyone dies in our society regardless of skin color or any other demographic.  Before any honest conversation on this matter can occur, facts must be presented and myths and reckless spin rejected.

The shooting that occurred on August 9, 2014, marked an event that precipitated strong feelings from both sides.  This was done previous to any public release of evidence and very few facts on the shooting involving Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Who is this "WE" you keep mentioning

(This piece was drafted quite some time ago, but not published so here it is better late than never.)

Who is "We"?

President Obama said in Turkey: "We don't consider ourselves to be a Christian nation." So when the Teleprompter in Chief isn't apologizing for America, destroying our economy, giving terrorist dirtbags rights they don't have or deserve, calling police officers "Stupid" and let us not forget a total lack of decorum at international events like bowing so far you could tongue polish someone's shoes.