Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Cancer known as the UAW

As someone who tries to be aware of history and use its lessons to improve the future, I can't say that unions have not had in many respects a positive impact on American industry. At the turn of the last century and for many years after, workers were often subjected to inhumane, dangerous, and ridiculously low paying jobs and had no protection of any kind. The AFL & CIO were pioneers in the labor movement and started to bring these injustices to light. At the time, there were few if any laws giving workers any rights and those that did exist were weekly enforced. When the government stepped up and started to create and adequately enforce labor laws, the unions did not slow down or reduce worker fees to the union. There is no example more fitting of this than the United Auto Workers union "UAW". When negotiations come up, the UAW puts out unreasonable requests for pay, benefits, and other perks knowing that the Big 3 will kowtow to their demands because of the economic disaster caused by strikes. The Big 3 have failed to address this cancer and now hundreds of thousands of people in or related to the auto industry will loose the only thing they know how to do unless the auto industry is allowed to feed at the teet of the taxpayer, a trend that has gotten entirely too popular in American industry.

America it is time to ask yourself this question: When did we become a country where if you build a better mousetrap you and and so does the guy who didn't build a better mouse trap? That my friends is called "Socialism" and is far removed from capitalism and quickly destabilizes healthy democracies.


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