Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Vehicle from Obama Motors

I have special secret footage of the first product from the new Obama / GM Motors.

Oh, wait silly me, sorry about that I got this truly amazing piece of defense technology that is a blending of the Dillon Aero Mini Gun and a some of GMC's best suv's in a great mix of American muscle and firepower. This actual package is being used by some of our "contractors" over in the sandbox.

As far as the Obama Motors vehicle, I'll have to look for that video, but here is some information: it gets 60 mpg WOW, seats 4 comfortably (if your 5' and under 100lbs) NOT SO WOW, is available in any color you want (so long as that color comes from recycled road kill) NOT SO WOW, and weighs only 700 lbs (not including passengers, wheels, gas, and carbon footprint meter / fine dispenser) due to it's cutting edge design and egg crate construction OK WERE ALL SCREWED!


Bob K. said...

What? It doesn't automatically recycle those shell casings?

Obviously this is a prototype.