Thursday, March 11, 2010

Window down and snow on the mountains

Yesterday as I was driving East on I64 headed to work, I was taken by what was occurring. I was driving with the window down enjoying the slightly warm comfortable breeze while looking at the snow still covering much of the mountains in full view. This experience was somewhat surreal and it made me realize how much we don't enjoy the simple things in life such as the beautiful day and majestic scenery that God had blessed us with. While enjoying this, I was reminded of the some of the great photos & and; stories of the Valley and nature in general that have graced the screen over at a SWAC Girl. I guess what I'm trying to say is that with the crazy world we live in full of financial issues, wars, person issues, politics, and everything we must deal with daily, take the time to just relax and take in what God has provided. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how calming this is and how much better such a simple thing will make your day.


Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Amen! It's family, friends, and the beautiful place we live that make the world a beautiful place.

The warmer weather is wonderful, even for this snow lover, and I saw yellow crocuses blooming this week in the landscaped area around the Staunton Mall.

Our beautiful Shenandoah Valley reminds me of the framed print from Valley Crusis, NC, that hangs on my living room wall: "In the mountains we're one step closer to Heaven."

Great post, Jason ... enjoyed reading it.