Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sam Rasoul deceives NRA voters with Fishersville campaign sign!

In a previous post I showed you this photo of a Sam Rasoul for Congress sign in Waynesboro. This sign is complete with "NRA Grade A" stickers on both sides at the top and pointed out how this information was deceptive and flat out inaccurate. Well now a similar sign also with "NRA Grade A" stickers has appeared in Fishersville just outside Waynesboro along Rt. 250 next to other Democrat candidate signs. I've had it reported to me that the same sign, once again with these "NRA Grade A" stickers is located in Staunton. I've not seen the sign that is reported to be in Staunton, but have photographed the one in Waynesboro can assure you from my own eyes that this photo, show in this post is an exact duplicate of the sign displayed bordering some farm property on the East side of Rt. 250 in Fishersville. For information on what the NRA candidate ratings mean as well as what candidate got what rating you can read my earlier post here or directly from the NRA here. You'll quickly learn in either case the Sam Rasoul didn't recieve the quoted "A" rating and in fact the only NRA "A" recipient for this race is incumbant Congressman Bob Goodlatte.

I would agree that one sign could be a mistake and not of the knowledge of the Sam Rasoul campaign, but with two comfirmed signs and another reported all in high traffic areas I have to reasonalby assume that the Rasoul campaign is aware and OK with this. If this allegation and assumption is correct than it leaves some questions. Sam Rasoul, why are you intentionally lieing and misleading voters who are interested in what the NRA thinks? Mr. Rasoul if you genuinly aren't aware of these signs and didn't authorize them, then who is runing your campaign and why would you want liers runing you campaign?

Mr. Rasoul you've got some explaining to do for Valley voters who see these signs every day.


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know there is one of these signs on Rte.42 not far from the turnoff to Hite Hollow Rifle range.

Larry Tillett