Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy V Day and Happy B Day to the U.S.M.C.

God bless the members of the Army, Air Force, Navy, and The Marine Corps not to mention the life savers and marine area law enforcers of the Coast Guard and of their Veterans on this Veterans day. Every day we are blessed at every thing we have thanks to the actions of the men and woman of these valiant services.

If you appreciate your Freedom Of Speech, don't thank a journalist, thank a Soldier!

If you appreciate your Freedom Of Religion, don't thank a priest, thank a Airman!

If you appreciate your Freedom Of Assembly, don't thank the speaker, thank a Sailor!

If you appreciate your privilage & responsibility to vote, don't thank the politicians, thank a Marine!

We owe nearly every freedom and priviladge that we enjoy as Americans to these courageous men and woman and no matter what we do, we'll never trully be able to adequately thank them. Which is good considering most will never ask us to.

We are also able to proudly say happy birthday to the US Marine Corps which marked it's 233rd year of serivce to the Republic on Nov 10th of this year. The members of the Corps have been called Leathernecks, Jarheads, and Devil Dogs and no military who has ever faced them was happy about it. I was told once that the "Devil Dogs" name came from Adolf Hitler who stated that those mem (refering to the USMC) fought like possesed dogs from Hell. The USMC is proud to wear these and some other titles I won't list on a family blog. They have some of the oldest and proudest traditions or all Armed Forces and among other tasks are known as "The President's Men". If anyone has good information on where the names "Leathernecks & Jarheads" came from, please comment or email me as I'd like to know.