Monday, June 30, 2008

Shame on you Gen. Clark

On June 29th of this year former Gen. Wesley Clark was interviewed on "Face The Nation". During this interview Gen. Clark was asked questions about the presidential election and his support of Sen. Clinton and more recent support of Sen. Obama. Gen. Clark responded by making several disparaging comments about Sen. McCain's military background and has not "held executive responsibility" and had not commanded troops in wartime. Gen. Clark also was brazen enough to say "He hasn't been there and ordered the bombs to fall". Gen. Clark at one point during the interview stated that being shot down and becoming a POW is not qualification to be president.

This interview can be watched here.

Gen. Clark as a veteran, American, and someone active in politics, you not only have the right, but some would even say the responsibility to ask questions of a presidential candidate. To ask for clarification on economic policy, military strategy, foreign policy, and other matters of a president is perfectly acceptable, but to make the statements you've made about Sen. McCain's abilities on his "executive experience" are simply shameless. Gen. Clark you've embarrassed every member of the armed forces with this rant and embarrassed yourself. As a four star general you've obviously accomplished great things, however to the best of my knowledge, you sir have never been a POW or been a guest at the "Hanoi Hilton". Sen. McCain had opportunities to leave his predicament and choose not so stating reason such as "others have been here longer". Sen. McCain had opportunities to sell out his county to end the torture and once again had the integrity to do the right thing. Gen. Clark, I ask you, would you have had that level of courage and integrity? I guess we'll never now since YOU'VE NEVER WALKED TEN INCHES IN SEN. McCAIN'S SHOES.

Gen. Clark, I didn't agree with you when you decided to run for president as a democrat or many of your positions during that campaign but as a former soldier I still respected you as a soldier and officer for your many accomplishments. Gen. Clark I no longer respect you as I believe that you've committed an unforgivable sin in your statements about Sen. McCain.

After this rant Gen. Clark was asked how he could say these things about Sen. McCain yet supported Sen. Obama who has very little experience in all matters and zero military experience. Gen. Clark smugly responded that Sen. Obama was running on strengh of character.

I will not pretend to speak for all veterans, but as one I would like to know what happened to you a once great leader.