Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Immigration Insane

(This post was actually completed in the spring of 06' and has never been posted.)

Before I get going on this particular rant, let it be said that this is the “Melting Pot”. This country would not be what it is without hardworking people from all corners of the world who were and still are willing to come to this country.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or think Ted Kennedy is a genius than you’re aware of the absolute nightmare that border security / enforcement has become. We have thousands of illegal aliens from many south of the border countries, predominantly Mexico, coming across our borders every day. The US Border Patrol and I.C.E. stop hundreds of these individuals daily and they estimate that they only catch less than a ¼ of those that attempt to cross.

The term “Undocumented Worker” is being used by some members of the House & Senate as well as having become a popular term to be used by the media. Calling a border crosser an “Undocumented Worker” who in doing so has committed a felony makes about as much sense as having someone forcefully break into your house, damage it, and then hurt someone and then refer to them as a “Undocumented House Guest”. This country needs radical Immigration Reform and it needs it yesterday. We have to fix this problem without creating brand new problems. President Bush favors a system where illegal’s that have been here for more than 5 years could pay a fine and stay here provided that they learn English and start the legitimate path to citizenship, they however must go to the end of the line. I personally voted for “W” and were it not for the alternative being about as attractive as a private moment with a cheese grater I would consider that a bad choice. I want to know where the man that I voted for is. I want to know where the national security hawk is that I learned to deeply respect in the first term went. I’m no legal genius, but when someone commits a crime and they admit it, we know it, and no one disputes it and we then allow them to continue the behavior that caused the crime, that’s amnesty folks, plain and simple. President Bush will tell us that this plan is not amnesty because they have to pay a fine and start at the end of the line on their legitimate citizenship path. OK let’s break that down:
First if illegal behavior is allowed to continue with government knowledge, that’s amnesty (nuff said on that topic).
Second, they have to pay a fine: this is very small and dependant on whether they even turn themselves in (Reagan tried that and if memory serves correctly it didn’t work then either).
Third, W says that they must go to the end of the line. Ha that’s laughable and downright insulting to some poor sap in his home country who is doing it the right way and has not illegally trampled on our sovereignty and who is going through this process the correct way while the criminal can do his or her process right here in the USA, but at the end of the line. I would like to point out a few analogies of this. If you’re an employer and you find out that one of your employee’s has been stealing from you for 5 years, are you going to fire and prosecute them or say that’s wrong but it will be OK if they do it right from now on? If you chose B then send me all your business info so that I make sure that I never invest in your company because with that kind of business management, you’ll be out of business be the end of the week. You’re the principle of a high school and you determine that one of the seniors has cheated for all 4 years and is about to graduate, do you stop this and expel the student or do you applaud their creativity and allow them to graduate? If you chose the later then tell me what school you’re at so that I can take steps to make sure that my kids don’t go near the place. This is so simple, which has to be the reason that Washington just does not get it. If you reward bad behavior and or illegal behavior, what you’re doing is setting a precedent that this county is not concerned with illegal immigration. You may also be creating a defense strategy for other felons that will claim “Equal Protection Status” for their crimes based on the amnesty that was by default issued to the illegal border crossers.

The House of Representative sent a border security bill to the Senate in December of 05’ and the Senate has sat on this and done nothing. They claim they want a comprehensive plan that includes a border security and a guest worker program. This is bordering on colossal stupidity. If you’re in a boat and it takes on water, do you plug the leak first or start bailing water first? Common sense says that you plug the hole then and only then do you start to bail the water out. To do it the other way makes about as much sense as having Chuck Schumer do the key note speech at the NRA convention. I propose that any member of the house or congress who willingly and knowingly lets these types of bills be shown the door come November 06’. Then there is one of my personal favorite arguments used by those that favor letting them stay without penalty. They will tell you that without the work that these people do the US Economy will be crippled and that they contribute too much to our economy. OK here is another thing that has to be broken down to properly address:
First, they recently had rallies all across this country where as they did not report to work to show the impact that this would have on there employers and the economy over all. Where in the world would people be able to have rallies celebrating illegal behavior and not only not be arrested but be protected by the constitution for this activity? They made all the news shows and just about every newspaper in the free world, but did they actually make a serious dent in the economy? My estimation based on working in the finance industry is that they barely caused a hiccup in the economy which is quite short of the crippling that they promised.
Second, regardless of how much they produce they cost us more & more and recent numbers show that the actual cost of illegal immigration cost as much as three times what it produces. Three hospitals have gone out of business in Southern California largely due to the overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants that come in for emergency medical services (many injuries were from the illegal activity of their border crossing) and have no way to pay or insurance to cover the services that they use and certainly don’t come back to pay later on. And when these hospitals close, it causes unemployment for all of the people working at those hospitals which in turn causes a rise in the cost factor of illegal immigration. Statistics and studies show that many illegals send most if not all of their money back to Mexico or other countries, which means little to none of it goes back into the US economy. Many of you say but they pay taxes on there paychecks even if they give faulty SSN’s and you would be wrong, because most of them file exempt which if your honest means that if at the end of the year it’s found that you owe Uncle Sam, you write a check. Big surprise these people do owe and they don’t write checks, and by the time the government and the employers determine that the SSN was faulty they’ve already left to go do it again somewhere. When you add up all the costs of illegal immigration it far and away overshadows the benefits. Did you know that if you work in Mexico as a non Mexican citizen and you send money to other countries, that you will be prosecuted under Mexican law and likely imprisoned? This is one of the hard edged immigration laws of Vicente’s Fox’s Mexico, the same guy who spends government funds to print brochures on how to safely avoid US authorities when attempting to illegally enter America.

When the information that has been presented is taken into consideration, it’s hard to accept an amnesty program. My family like most of you who are reading this are here because of immigration, some way back and some more recent. I don’t have any ill will toward immigrants and will continue to welcome lawful immigrants from all parts of the world to come here and make their future in America.