Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Harry Reid "Coal Makes Us Sick" Part I

reSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid while recently on the Fox Business channel went on a rant about how coal, oil, and other fossil fuels makes us sick. Sen. Reid then went on to say that everyone in sick because of all the carbon were putting into the air and that it causing global warming, which by his estimation, you guessed it, makes us sick.
Well Sen. Reid, you want to know what makes me sick? This guy and his buddies ,who we are beholden to for the lions share of our petroleum needs. And thanks to people like you and House Leader Pelosi we are virtually crippled from doing anything about it at home. Credible science has shown that substantial oil deposits are located right here at home. There is enough oil in AK alone to significantly reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
If you would like to see Sen. Reid's comments first hand you can watch it here.

A celebrity response soon to follow.