Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Harry Reid "Coal Makes Us Sick" Part II

I was somewhat dumbfounded at the Senators comments and feel that he may truly be on the road to loony land. I expect this kind of spewing from people like Michael Moore, but when this comes from a senior senator, it's frightening. He speaks of things like solar power as an alternative. Sen. Reid, I don't think anyone is opposed to alternative forms of energy such as solar and wind (except Sen. Kennedy who doesn't want to see them). Reality is that in the interim we must have sustainable and adequate oil and gas until such time as these alternatives have been worked out to such a degree that they are deployable, affordable, and safe.

Now for the celebrity response I mentioned. Dennis Miller, a regular on the Fox News Channel and weekly feature on the No Spin Zone featuring Bill O'Reilly, recently gave his thoughts on what he thought of Sen. Reid's statements. Mr. Miller can word things in way that is uniquely Miller. Mr. Millers thougths on this matter can be viewed here.

I couldn't have said better myself.