Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rush Tops Couric

Popular conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh just signed a deal with Clear Communications, the radio giant that puts his show on the air for a reported 8 yr deal worth $400 million. This paycheck is believed to be larger than the 4 major network anchors combined income. The Rush Limbaugh radio show is broadcast every where from Seattle, WA to Key West, FL via it's Clear Channel affiliates daily at 12 noon. In recent yrs, El Rushbo has even been heard by our troops overseas via the Armed Forces Radio Network. Rush Claims to "exercise broadcast excellence behind the golden EIB microphone". Rush's legions of fans refer to themselves as "Ditto Heads" and often wait over an hour (if they can even get to a screener) for the opportunity to speak with Rush. Many believe that Rush although still very sure of himself has gained considerable humility after dealing with a pain pill addiction following a surgery to correct a hearing problem.

Good luck Rush and long live the EIB.