Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rep. Goodlatte Gets it!

Congressman Bob Goodlatte truly gets it! The congressman recently created a website that can be accessed here that deal specifically with this matter. It seems that while republicans from President Bush down to local Delegate Saxman, energy Independence is something that MUST BE DEALT WITH KNOW. Congressman Goodlatte knows that the hard working people of VA need relief from these rising gas prices now, not when the auto industry figures out how to make hybrid and other "green/er" technologies viable. The Congressman knows that modern oil exploration and drilling are considerably safer to the environment than many who oppose want to admit. Recent studies have shown that the Earth itself releases more oil into our oceans and environment than drilling does by a significant margin.

I'm proud to say that the Augusta Water Cooler is formally endorsing Rep. Goodlatte to continue to serve the Commonwealth in the US Congress. This is not a republican thing, it's a common sense thing. We as Americans must not support people for any elected position that will allow us to fall behind in the procurement of energy through viable sources, especially when those sources are in our back yard.

Rep. Goodlatte has been a tireless leader for the citizens of VA in the US Congress. Help the Congressman by going to his new website and sign the petition for congress to follow President Bush's leadership to end the ban on off shore drilling.