Thursday, July 10, 2008

True colors behnd the leader of the Rainbow Coalition

Reverend Jackson who loves to tell us about the never ending struggle of the black man. The same Rev. Jackson who has "tirelessly" campaigned on black issues and family development, yes the same Rev. Jackson who has a child out of wedlock and then tried to lie about it.

Rev. Jackson was recently on the Fox News channel morning show "Fox And Friends". During a period of time when the show was not rolling, but the cameras and mikes were "hot" and capturing everything. Rev. Jackson showed his true colors during this time. The Rev should have been aware of hot mikes considering how long he has been in the public spotlight. Rev. Jackson while waiting for the show to continue with another guest, stated to the other guest "See Barack been, um, talking down the black people on this faith based... I wanna cut his n_ts off". If you don't believe me or want to see it yourself, the video can be watched here:

Rev. Jackson is obviously unhappy that an influential black man won't help him race bait the nation which continues to not only make the Rev look good but also make considerable money through his shakedown organization aka "The rainbow coalition". Rev. Jackson doesn't seem to like the faith based options that Sen. Obama favors, which is odd considering that Rev. Jackson is a Reverend.

It looks like the yrs and yrs of the Rev's race baiting has finally caught up with him. Shortly after being caught for his true feelings, Rev. Jackson issued an apology that was nothing more than his typical pontificating. This apology clearly would not have happened had he not been caught and carries not weight as if he was truly sorry, the statement would not have been made in the first place.

"The truth will set you free."