Monday, July 14, 2008

They do this Why?

Some people say that the dumbest people in the world are guests on TV shows like Jerry Springer and the like. Some would say that the dumbest people compete in crazy competitions like the Nathans Hot Dog eating competition (finally won by an American), lawn mower racing, and yes even belt sander racing. None compare to the questionable phychological status of people who gather once per yr in Pamplona Spain for the annual running of the bulls. These people intentionally run in narrow city alleys and streets with little to no escape along with a dozen or more angry 2000 lbs bulls (yes the one with horns). To really make things interesting, they wear clothing that is generally white with some red sash belts and or scarfs. I don't know if these colors are significant to this event, historically or culturally, but I do now that red makes bulls angry and white makes blood more obvious.

I think these people are stark raving nuts, but you can form you own opinion. I've provided a brief look at this event if you not familiar with it.

Just in case anyone cares, the score sheet for the 2008 Running of the bulls goes like this: 45 people injured, 4 gored, and 6 bulls killed, strangely enough no of the injured people died from their injuries so far.

Stalin probably would have said "See what happens when you give people free will".