Monday, July 14, 2008

Tasteless and Unecesary

The recent cover of the "New Yorker" magazine which shows Sen. Obama and his wife is tasteless and unnecessary to a degree frequently not found.

I will not and have not supported Sen. Obama and have personally criticized him both here on this blog and in person speaking with many people, but always in a respectable manner. This "artistic satire" is the cancer of the media and although it's Constitutionally protected "expression" doesn't make it right or decent. I will say that Michell Obama has by her own choosing gotten involved in this campaign to such a degree to be "fair game" for criticism and media speculation, however this representation is simply crass and without cause.

The New Yorker claims this was just an "intriguing" image to sell magazines and the article within clarifies the their point. What happened to the concept that good journalism and respected / credible writers sell magazines and newspapers.

This garbage is how more problems are created than solved and how partisan problems that don't involve actual issues occur. Lets debate on what the candidates have and have not done and get away from childish nonsense.

I guess anything passes as art these days.