Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Augusta Axes Hardworking Grassroots Volunteers

Recently many members of the Augusta County Republican Committee received a letter in the mail. Some of these letters were to send the "call" for upcoming ACRC Executive Committee meeting, however the majority of those receiving letters "56" got committee pink slips for missing 3 consecutive meetings. These letters were all received from the Secretary which is odd in and of itself as the committee maintains a Vice Chair of Communications to handle the majority of all communications, but she herself received one of these pinks along with the other two vice chairs and 3 Magisterial Chairs. The Secretary likely under the direction of the Chair (Bill Shirley) sent these letters stating the she had no choice and it was in the Bylaws. I find this interesting since she herself was serving in an appointed and non-elected position far longer than should have been the case, you see Chairman Shirley likes to appoint people to positions and then avoids an actual up or down by the committee, I know this because I was one of his appointments and had to fight for the up or down by the full committee. I believe that any appointment that is for a position normally voted on by the full committee should be confirmed as soon as possible. There are a few other issues with these letters such as our bylaws that the Secretary so quickly likes to bring up, such as an Officer has 30 day to address a grievance or cause for removal previous to any such removal and the bylaws state the removal may be caused by anyone not paying their dues by April 1st of a given year. I wonder if anyone whom the Secretary doesn't have a record of making a payment this April 1st?

I have in the past not favored airing our laundry in this manner, but I can no longer ignore a Chair who directly or indirectly uses technicalities, trumped up allegations, and or a musical chairs / use em when their convenient view of our bylaws. Chairman Shirley severly opposes any discussion that goes against his views and uses anything from non existent parliamentary procedure to calling for help from that part time Sheriff's Deputy who provides security at the Augusta County Government Center. Chairman Shirley also finds it acceptable to allow the frequently abusive BOS member David Beyler who has attempted to throw people out of meetings (he has the right to attend all meeting, but has ZERO authority to do anything else).

In one fell swoop this action has removed 56 hard working dedicated grass roots members whose hrs of effort will not be easily replaced in such a challenging election year.

I have to wonder if the Chair honestly wants to fix anything or is simply trying to exert some childish version of "I got cha"?

I am deeply disheartened by this.


Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Thanks for all your hard work, Jason -- one of the vice chairs kicked off the committee by Bill Shirley.

Kicking off 56 members of the GOP Committee -- this is working together? This is unity? This is building the Party?

This is politics....

Augusta Conservative said...

Since kicking off these 56 members the county hasn't heard or seen anything from the GOP committee. Interesting.

Jason Bibeau said...

Augusta Conservative, for the sake of the party and candidates, I hope that your wrong, but I dread that you've hit the nail squarely on the head with a sledge hammer.