Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mayor Bloomberg spins gun issues in VA

Mayor Bloomberg of NY has had quite a history of trying to tell VA what to do in regard to firearms issues. For those of you who didn't know, the mayor sent people to VA several years ago to purchase firearms to show how easy it was. I have a problem with this. And any law abiding citizen on either side of the gun issue should as well, you see the mayors "buyers" either lied or intentionally misled those whom they made purchases from which essentially made them illegal purchases, but I digress. On the 14th, the mayor appeared in NOVA with some of the families of those slain in the horrific tragedy that occurred at VA Tech. I want to be clear that I'm in no way contradicting the seriousness of what occurred that tragic day, I simply want the fact to be clear. The mayor and those family's were there to essentially use the emotions of the that day to persuade people to pressure the legislature to end the "gun show loophole". Ok here are the facts:

1. The shooter at VA Tech didn't not use a gun show or even private sale to obtain his weapons, he went through the legal legitimate process of obtaining the weapons in question through a legal firearms dealer and only after all applicable forms and checks were completed.

2. This non sense about "gun show loopholes" is getting very tired, a private transaction involving the sale of a firearm could occur at a gun show which is logical due to like minded people who may want to buy or sell such items or it could occur in a home as a result of a newspaper sale ad or some other classified ad.

3. Legitimate dealers are not doing "look the other way" deals at gun shows as some like the Mayor would have you believe. When a licenced gun dealer sells a firearm or other BATFE controlled device at a gun show, they are required to follow the same laws and rules that they would if the transaction occurred in their respective business location. I would like to add to this fact that me wife and I personally witnessed a gun dealer doing his duty and following the law at a gun show that occurred at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds in which a buyer attempted to provide false and conflicting information relating to the purchase of a firearm. The dealer stalled the would be buyer while an associate contacted the Sheriff's Office and deputies soon there after arrested the person in question. I personally witnessed this occur.

I get so tired of the left and some members of the right who continually spin, lie, and provide other misinformation about guns and firearms in general. Hey Anti Gun People, question for ya? If your point is so favored by the citizens then why do you continue to avoid truth and use emotion and avoid facts. And for the record I would have not problem with a mental illness database being added to those checked during a firearms purchase so long as it is genuine mental illness.

Although not mentioned in the Bloomberg speech, I want to mention this due to how ofter it comes up by the anti gun crowd. I frequently hear from anti gun and people ignorant of gun laws how easy it is to get a machine gun. First of all most of these people don't even know what a machine gun is, don't believe me look it up and then ask someone who thinks it's easy to get one. Second, in order for someone to own a "machine gun" or other BATFE Class III regulated device you must undergo VERY stringent background checks and be willing to surrender many Constitutional Rights to obtain and maintain the ability to have such devices and furthermore in the specific instance of a "machine gun" it had to have been manufactured previous to 1986. What you can and can't have and how to go about it is a book in and of itself. Want to the truth seek it out on the BATFE website or other credible sources.

I find it interesting that Mayor Bloomberg is spending so much time in VA when the city and state he should be concerned about is ridden with problems such as crime that isn't VA's fault, insanely high taxes from nearly every direction, and increasingly unfavorable environment for businesses and residents.


Laetizia said...

Bloomberg should stay in his jurisdiction and not be meddling with VA, I think!