Monday, June 1, 2009

Poll Question Response

In the most recent poll question "Will ousted former RPV Chair Frederick cause problems at the 2009 Convention?", the responses were a dead split between the three choices. One third of respondents believed that Jeff would show and cause a problem, one third believed that he would show and not cause a problem and the remaining one third believed that he would no show at all.

As always thanks for taking part in the blogespheres own little slice of democracy and stay tuned for the Augusta Water Coolers take on the events of RPV 09' which should be up once I get some sleep.


Unknown said...

I know he didnt cause problems. Did he show up? I didnt see him.

I did see the results of some of his work though. Bloggers Row, and the multi-media friendly atmosphere was what he worked for.

Jason Bibeau said...

I don't know if he was there or not, if he was I didn't see him.

I do agree that many of the positive changes at the convention were initiatives that he started and I beleive that he had the best of intentions, however when you allienate your entire excutive committee good intentions no longer matter.