Friday, February 5, 2010

Remember this video when making a car buying decision

It's videos like this that make you really think twice when making a buying decision. I try as much as possible to support companies who support my views and especially those who support our troops.


Kat said...

Oh, this video... I want to say this video has been around for more than three years (I could be wrong...), but it never, NEVER!, gets old!

I drive a 2003 V8 Explorer that has taken me to my Mom and Dad, as carried my cherished family, and has kept me safe in dangerous driving conditions. God has richly blessed me by providing this durable, safe, and fun vehicle for my driving pleasure.

I am so glad it's a Ford - and that Ford is NOT a part of *Government Motors* (although my previous car was a 1996 Concorde Lxi that was delightful!)

May the God of all grace bless and protect our men and women in the Armed Services; and may our country return to their gracious and generous Provider, to worship Him in profound gratitude for the abundant blessings He has poured out upon this Nation!