Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hail To The Queen

Kudos to Lynn Mithchell over at ***SWAC Girl*** for recently being listed at Blog Net News as the most influential conservative blogger in VA. At the time of this blog post, she was 3rd overall in VA, which is quite a feat in and of itself. This is quite an accomplishment when you consider the number of conservative bloggers in VA who frequently (some multiple times per day) post their comments and opinions on a number of important issues.

For those of you who know Lynn, you know that she is deeply passionate about the grassroots conservative movement, family issues, 2nd Amendment rights, and home schooling just to name a few. When Lynn starts on a passion / project she puts more time, interest, and quite frankly soul into it than most people ever will on any project in their lives. Lynn deeply believes in the candidates and causes she supports and the candidates all take her seriously and ALL want her support.

Well I guess this proves that the alternative media (including bloggers) have considerable influence and readership. This might upset certain newspaper editors (who will remain nameless for fear of a lawsuit.) One comment on the aforementioned editor: GROW UP!

The Republican Party and specifically the Shenandoah Valley area are very lucky to have Lynn in our midst.

Long Live The Queen


Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Jason Bibeau, I want you to know that YOU broke this news to me! I was on the phone with Kurt checking websites, and then I surfed over here and saw your post. Took me by surprise ... I had no idea. Thanks for all the kind words you said. I am kind of stunned at the moment....