Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Blood Pressure is going up part 1

I've ruminating on this post for several days because I really try to avoid charactor assination and high BP enducing rants, however I feel if a rant is how this gets said, than so be it.

I don't know where to start but I'm highly irritated with the Speaker of the House Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, so lets start there. This congressperson (godforbid I use a gender specific term and offend her) has MISARABLY FAILED the people she is swown to serve. Speaker Pelosi spends nearly all of her time blaming both President Bush and the Respublicans of both congress and senate (I didn't know Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid needed help with that) for everything from global warming to the price of gas and everything inbetween (I would not be surpriced to see her blame them for a run in her hose). News Flash Speaker, you've had some of the lowest approval ratings of any speaker since they started recording such things and at one point only 11% percent of Americans approved of your Congressional leadership. In case you forgot, this is the same Speaker who actually listed changing the names of post offices as a priority for Congress. I could list the utterly questionable things she has done all day long, such as telling the Admiral of the Pacific Fleet Command to move all Navy vessels from the harbor area around San Franciso because of the "visual plight" they create, but don't want carpal tunnel that bad. Lets focus on things everyone knows about like closing congress when key issues had not been dealt with like GAS PRICES. She ordered the lights turned off, microphones turned off, and even C-Span cameras shut off. Why would she do this you might ask, when such important issues are still on the table? She did this because she knows that her completly indefenceable position on oil drilling and getting us away from foriegn oil would likely be the begining of the end for the Pelosi dynasty. Speaker Pelosi knows that if domestic oil exploration and drilling were to get an actual "Up or Down" vote in congress she could no longer hide behind smoke and mirrors. The Speaker has flat out told members of congress that this vote will never happen. She knows that if it does, there are enough Republicans and isle crossing Democrats to pass which then puts those against it on a formal roll call. The Speaker won't do this in such a contentious political season because she knows that Americans who are tired of paying $4.50 per gallon (yes even Prius drivers pay this) for gas will hold members of congress responsible who vote against this.

Since the Speaker shut the doors and turned off the lights she has been intervied several times and has refused to give an honest or straight forward answer to her actions. Oh, but wait, I'm wrong, she has answered this question: WE HAVE A PLANET TO SAVE which she repeats till she is red in the face. Some information on this can be seen here:

As the Speaker has stated and shown in reported interviews she cares more for her and her cronies political survival than she does for the people she is sworn to serve. She goes as far as to admit that Americans don't support her point or view and that it will make them vulnerable in elections.

It drives me nuts that people can't see what these democrats are doing our country and the embarassments we deal with through there leadership (lack there of). If your as ticked off as I am, go
here and sign the petition at to force Speaker Pelosi and the other Democrats back to Congress to do their Jobs.

Drill Here Drill Now Save Money!