Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Blood Pressure is going up part 2

OK, I initially wasn't going to make this a "Part 2", but it just fit too much not to. Some anti-energy folks from the group MoveOn.org went to DC to protest energy and actually stated that they wanted gas prices north of $10.00 per gallon and even stated that demand going above supply is good. American For Prosperity sent some of their own people there along with cameras to capture this activity. I was amazed to see the video taken by AFP of these activities. This was originally posted by SWAC Girl and can be watched on her blog here.

There was one person in the MoveOn.org group who said that congress should reconvene and went as far as to say that there should be an "up of down" vote on this issue. I'm sure immediately following the on camera interview, he was told to leave for the crime of free thought and inadequate consumption of the "Kool Aid".


Lynn R. Mitchell said...

It made my blood pressure go up, too. Thanks for the link.