Friday, August 8, 2008

Big Freshman Class for 09'

There will be a rather large freshman class in both the House and Senate scheduled to be sworn in January of 2009. 44 People will be leaving or have already left Congress and Senate due to death, retirement, resignment, and in some cases criminal investigations. Some of these known absences have already been filled by special elections, but those filling them will still be considered "freshmen" in 111th Congress which convenes in January. These numbers affect Republican held positions more than Democratic positions and include such political power players as former Speaker of the House Rep. Dennis Hastert and former Presidential candidate Rep. Duncan Hunter one resignation, the other as a result of retirement. Both sides will aggressively go after each and everyone of these positions. The Democrats currently hold majorities in both the House and Senate, but neither is by large numbers and they would like nothing better than to put some depth in the bench so to speak. The Democrats are clearly taking this election season seriously and have opened an unprecedented 6 regional offices here in the 6th Congressional District to support their candidate Mr. Sam Rasoul in his bid to unseat Republican Rep. Bob Goodlatte who has run un-challenged for many years. The following list shows the 44 in seats mentioned:

House of Representatives:
Alabama: Rep. Bud Cramer (D). Retiring
Alabama: Rep. Terry Everett (R). Retiring
Arizona: Rep. Rick Renzi (R). Retiring and under federal indictment.
Arizona: Rep. John Shadegg (R). NOT Retiring: Convinced by colleagues to reverse earlier decision to not seek re-election
California: Rep. John Doolittle (R). Retiring
California: Rep. Duncan Hunter (R). Retiring

California: Rep. Tom Lantos (D). Died. Rep. Jackie Speier (D) sworn in after winning special election
California: Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald (D). Died. Laura Richardson (D) seated after August 2007 special election
Colorado: Rep. Tom Tancredo (R). Retiring
Colorado: Rep. Mark Udall (D). Vacating seat to run for Senate
Florida: Rep. Dave Weldon (R). Retiring
Georgia: Rep. Charlie Norwood (R). Died. Paul Broun (R) seated in July 2007 special election
Illinois: Rep. Dennis Hastert (R). Resigned.
Bill Foster (D) sworn in after winning March special election
Illinois: Rep. Ray Lahood (R). Retiring
Illinois: Rep. Jerry Weller (R). Retiring
Indiana: Julia Carson (D). Died. Carson's grandson, Andre Carson (D), seated in special election
Louisiana: Rep. Richard Baker (R). Resigning. Don Cazayoux (D), wins May special election
Louisiana: Rep. Bobby Jindal (R). Elected Governor. Steve Scalise (R) wins May special election
Louisiana: Rep. Jim McCrery (R). Retiring
Maine: Rep. Tom Allen (D). Vacating seat to run for Senate
Maryland: Rep. Wayne Gilchrest (R). Defeated in Republican primary
Maryland: Rep. Al Wynn (D). Defeated in February Democratic primary by Donna Edwards. Wynn retired before end of term, allowing Edwards to compete in June special election, which she won. Edwards sworn in
Massachusetts: Rep. Martin Meehan (D). Resigned. Niki Tsongas (D) seated in October 2007 special election
Minnesota: Rep. Jim Ramstad (R). Retiring
Mississippi: Rep. Chip Pickering (R). Retiring
Mississippi: Rep. Roger Wicker (R). Appointed to Senate.
Travis Childers (D) seated after May 2008 special election
Missouri: Rep. Kenny Hulshof (R). Vacating seat to run for governor
New Jersey: Rep. Mike Ferguson (R). Retiring
New Jersey: Rep. Jim Saxton (R). Retiring
New Mexico: Rep. Steve Pearce (R). Vacating seat to run for Senate
New Mexico: Rep. Tom Udall (D). Vacating seat to run for Senate
New Mexico: Rep. Heather Wilson (R). Vacating seat to run for Senate
New York: Rep. Vito Fossella (R). Retiring
New York: Rep. Mike McNulty (D). Retiring
New York: Rep. Thomas Reynolds (R). Retiring
New York: Rep. Jim Walsh (R). Retiring
Ohio: Rep. Paul Gillmor (R). Died. Robert Latta (R) seated in December 2007 special election
Ohio: Rep. David Hobson (R). Retiring
Ohio: Rep. Deborah Pryce (R). Retiring
Ohio: Rep. Ralph Regula (R). Retiring
Oregon: Rep. Darlene Hooley (D). Retiring.
Pennsylvania: Rep. John Peterson (R). Retiring
Virginia: Rep. Jo Ann Davis (R). Died. Robert Wittman (R) seated after December 2007 special election
Virginia: Rep. Tom Davis (R). Retiring
Wyoming: Rep. Barbara Cubin (R). Retiring

In the Senate ...
Those who have left, leaving, or have died, by state:

Colorado: Sen. Wayne Allard (R). Retiring
Idaho: Sen. Larry Craig (R). Retiring
Mississippi: Sen. Trent Lott (R) Retired. Rep. Roger Wicker (R) seated by gubernatorial appointment
Nebraska: Sen. Chuck Hagel (R). Retiring
New Mexico: Sen. Pete Domenici (R). Retiring
Virginia: Sen. John Warner (R). Retiring
Wyoming: Sen. Craig Thomas (R). Died. John Barrasso (R) seated by gubernatorial appointment

This list shows that there many important political races going on all throughout America as well as the races many of us follow and are involved in right in VA.

If you believe in the conservative movement, if you believe in Ronald Reagan's vision, if your concerned with our energy crisis, and if your very nervous about Americas future in the hands or people like Sen. Obama, Majority Leader Reid, and Speaker Pelosi than you must stand and be heard.

Seek out your local Republican Committee and tell them that you want to help support candidates the take Americas future serious and have solutions not platitudes.